The Jupiter Posters

The Jupiter posters are mostly designed by J. Maizlish (unless otherwise noted). His other work can be found at Between March and December 2012 we asked a succession of brilliant guest artists to do our posters, including Joseph Hales, Milo Brennan, Joseph Johnston, Alex Cox, Jane Howard (twice) and Jupiter co-host Kitty Finer. Many thanks to all of them. In order of appearance:

Quotation from yoB's Down Together

Quotation from Kitty Finer's Cactus

Quotation from J. Maizlish's Swan Song

Designed by Joseph Hales
Quotation from Alex Cox's Honey

Designed by Joseph Hales
Original design concept by Kitty Finer

Designed by Milo Brennan
Quotation from J. Maizlish's Tar Baby

Designed by Joseph Johnston
Quotation from Finn Andrews' 
The Stars
Went Out Once The Lights Went Out

Designed by Alex Cox

Designed by Jane Howard
Quotation from J. Maizlish's Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone

Designed by Kitty Finer
Quotation from Kitty Finer's Ain't No I or U in L.O.V.E.

Designed by Jane Howard
Quotation from J. Maizlish's Swan Song

Quotation from J. Maizlish's Annie Get Your Gun

Quotation from J. Maizlish's Everybody Must Crawl

Designed by Joe Hales
Quotation from Isabel Munoz Newsome's Kiss Me Madder

No Quotations for New Year

Quotation from J. Maizlish's If I Kiss Her

Quotation from Alice Ballantine's Chilly Winds

Quotation from Alex Cox's Threadbare Blues

Quotation from Isabel's Barefoot

Quotation from Alex Mills' Save Yourself

Quotation from Internet Forever's I Don't Care

Quotation from J. Maizlish's To the Moon, Alice

Quotation from J. Maizlish's Joyride